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Getting and Maintaining a Healthy Brain

We all know that it is important to take good care of our body and our brain. In fact, taking care of one just about automatically ensures good care of the other. Eat well, the body is in shape and so the brain can operate at high speed; exercise for fitness and to get good blood flow and the brain absorbs a wealth of oxygenation and revitalization. Some ideas to help you:

Mental flex – keep your hands busy as well as your mind – knit, crochet, paint, color, etc. One productive activity in this regard is fishing that keeps both mind and body calm. It makes you practice patience and gratitude after achieving something! Go to for safe fishing gear that can enhance your experience, especially if you involve a friend/partner in it.
Call a friend or family member today and share a happy story with him or her. Invite this person to share with you – happiness is contagious!
Tell the world why brain health is important to you and to all of the people you love.
Encourage friends to become involved with
Enjoy a home-cooked meal where you have control of the ingredients, the cooking methods, and the portions.
Get your body in the game. Do not be sedentary but rather be up and moving. It’s good for the body and good for the brain.
Complete 3 yoga poses morning and evening and add 3 focused breathing sessions, too – in through the nose and out through the mouth for 1 minute. You can stretch all your body muscles through yoga, including face and eye muscles. If you have any problem of the eye; even with severe dry eye symptoms, there are treatment options.
If we’re being honest, going to the doctor can be more than a little intimidating, especially when we’re asked about our family medical history. But just because it’s scary doesn’t mean we should run from it and hide. Fully knowing and understanding your family medical history – to the best of your abilities – will impact not only your health, but the health of most of your family members. You might know your family tree, but now it’s time to learn your family medical history. Schedule time to sit down with your relatives to learn more about the health risks you might face. Write down what you learn and keep a file for your records.
Let other family members know what you find out -do you need more active minutes in each day? Do you need to cut down on certain food ingredients such as fat and sugar? Do you need to spend more time out-of-doors enjoying fresh air and sunshine? Is it time for you to add some hobbies to your life such as learning to paint, beginning to speak another language, teaching a class focused on a special talent (or two) that you possess? Taking a class on relaxation and rejuvenation? Spending more time that is devoted just to you and your well being?
A multitude of possibilities exist – seize them and have fun.

Healthcare Quality Methods

Healthcare organizations can employ different health care methods for quality improvement. Since healthcare is not a simple phenomenon, industries find it hard to adopt the controls and standardization of quality improvement methods. However, general methods that define quality, grow improvement measures and identify variation through PDSA cycles and control charts have been successful in the application of healthcare processes. Let’s take a look at some healthcare quality improvement methods.

1: Facilitate Adoption

It’s not enough to introduce new ideas to clinicians and discuss case studies. For instance, in skincare, you can read opinions about lavelier and other treatment methods. The reason is that it won’t motivate them to follow the improvement initiatives. It’s better to learn the quality improvement theory via hands-on improvement work. In other words, it’s applied to the real clinical setting. Also, identifying important areas for clinicians and develop the platform for betterment can help make the adoption much easier.

2: Defining Quality & Reaching an Agreement

If we agree on what quality means in a certain context, we can establish the measures and then collect data based on them. Also, the Institute of Medicine made a quality framework based on 6 aims for the systems for healthcare. However, the most important of them is the one that is patient-oriented. In other words, it stresses the provision of care based on the values and needs of an individual patient. Also, it ensures that the clinical decisions are made based on the patient’s values.

The definition of quality refers to what the patient thinks is important. It’s to make sure that the patient is getting the best care possible for their illness. This can only be done through latest medical equipment use. See sciton lasers as an example.

3: Improvement and Accountability

Both data and measurement make the backbone for quality improvement. This is the point where it’s difficult to take care of the matters associated with healthcare. Typically, when it comes to quality improvement methods, clinicians think that they involve performance measures that require accountability. However, it’s important to remember the difference between accountability measures and improvement measures.

Typically, the accountability measures are processed to get percentages. An accountability measure, for instance, gathers data about the number of ER patients who had to hang on for over 30 minutes for their turn. And then management is asked to keep the waiting time below half an hour. So, the improvement measure figures out the actual waiting period in minutes in order to find out the system performance and them improve it.

4: PDSA Cycles and Quality Improvement Framework

For healthcare quality improvement, many frameworks are used:

The DMAIC model of Six Sigma
Lean methodology
The Model of Improvement was designed by the API in 1987
PDSA cycles are the most important part of healthcare quality improvement
Given below is the explanation of the PDSA cycles:


5 Variation in Data

With a deeper insight into the Mode for Improvement, the plan can help you achieve your improvement goal. Some of this insight comes from getting to know the variation in data and its causes.

Also, healthcare processes include two types of variations: intended and unintended. The intended variation refers to do something in a different way on purpose. And this defines patient-oriented care.

On the other hand, unintended variation happens when many clinicians prescribe different types of antibiotics for a problem at hand regardless of the rationale of the variation. And an out of habit or a free of thought variation is called an unintended variation.

So, this was a description of 5 healthcare quality methods.

Cancer Institute

Cancer Institute Radiation oncologists are few in number, especially if you are nowhere near a cancer facility. Could artificial intelligence be used to deliver an oncologist’s skills for radiation therapy? Karim R. Lakhani discusses a unique open innovation experiment. Here’s a tip to discover recovery treatment for mental and behavioral issues.

Radiation therapy can be lifesaving for lung cancer patients. The first step, though, is having a trained, skilled oncologist who knows how to best segment or mark off the tumor for radiation. This expertise is vital for targeting the tumor and controlling the radiation’s toxicity. Segmenting is difficult and time-consuming even in countries with sufficient medical resources, much less in developing countries where the need is great but fewer personnel have the time and training.

Harvard researchers wondered: Could programmers develop artificial intelligence solutions for Cancer Institute segmenting tumors like a trained oncologist? How about setting up an online competition to find out? There has been a huge progress in the field of technology, especially in medical sciences and technology. Emerging diseases require unprecedented technological assistance and fully trained technicians as well. Latest equipments and their proper use also matters for accurate diagnosis and treatments. However, AI is taking over in every field and it is making the use of conventional medical equipments outdated. Companies are now getting rid of used medical equipment. That is the reason, more and more young people are joining the vast field of technology, as it is now applicable in every job sector. For related information, visit

An article being published April 18 in JAMA Oncology, a journal of the American Medical Association, describes the crowdsourcing contest and the potential breakthrough for sharing medical knowledge globally. The article, “Use of Crowd Innovation to Develop an Artificial Intelligence-Based Solution for Radiation Therapy Targeting,” is co-authored by Harvard Business School Professor Karim R. Lakhani and seven colleagues with expertise in radiation therapy, oncology, and crowd innovation.

It tells how 34 contestants competing Cancer Institute anonymously online over 10 weeks reviewed almost 78,000 images and submitted 45 algorithms. The best five, for prizes totaling $55,000, were assessed to be as good as those of oncologists. Among the study’s conclusions, “A combined crowd innovation and AI approach rapidly produced automated algorithms that replicated the skills of a highly trained physician for a critical task in radiation therapy.”

In an email interview, we asked Lakhani, the Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration, and colleagues Dr. Eva Guinan and Jin Paik more about the study and results.Cancer Institute They are referred to as the LISH team below.

Martha Lagace: How did you learn about the problem and connect with like-minded medical colleagues?

LISH team: The Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) has a long history of working together with Harvard Catalyst at Harvard Medical School to identify interesting innovation and process problems in translational biomedical areas. We have conducted many research projects together and published a good number of papers in peer-reviewed and practitioner journals. Dr. Guinan is one of our co-directors at LISH and she is a professor in radiation oncology at HMS and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Part of the lab’s mission is to address problems with real-world applications. This project was a natural outgrowth of that relationship and rapidly incorporated the expertise and perspectives of Dr. Raymond Mak, a radiation oncologist who became an important member of the team for this study.

In the process of identifying problems in healthcare, which we do frequently at the LISH, we found that exploration in this area had the potential for multiple breakthroughs related to the specific tumor segmentation task of radiation oncologists while also addressing technological issues (e.g., reframing and conducting sequential competition phases).

Lagace: What made this problem in cancer treatment suitable for crowd innovation?

LISH team: LISH has longstanding interest in and experience with solving problems in computer vision, image analysis, and advanced analytics through crowdsourcing. We have extended our work and research into the field of medical image analysis. So rather than focus on diagnostic improvements, since significant published and implemented work in AI/algorithmic work already exists, we wanted to direct our interests to a therapeutic problem.

The highly technical, image-related work of radiation oncology planning was highly suitable for leveraging crowd innovation. Dr. Mak, a thoracic radiation oncology expert in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital/ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute radiation oncology program, was a motivated and creative collaborator in exploring and then implementing and evaluating this initiative. While there are other medical image analysis contests that have been conducted, such as Dream Challenge (involving experts as solvers), we believe this work is unique in that it specifically recruited non-domain experts via the Topcoder platform.

Lagace: How did you design and carry out the study? Why Topcoder?

LISH team: Topcoder has a community of more than 1 million members, many of whom regularly compete on imaging problems from all fields and across all industries.

Through our connection with Harvard Catalyst and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, we identified the potential problem and then solidified the relationship with Dr. Mak. We then identified and addressed regulatory and practical issues like consent, access to images, and annotation and development of the video teaching tool.

LISH researchers specialize in atomizing complex problems into granular tasks and finding the appropriate platforms for execution. In that sense, the tasks were defined for data scientists and algorithm developers who do not necessarily have that domain knowledge, but possess the skills necessary for algorithm development.

We met regularly during the design phase to define and redefine outcomes. The challenge was divided in three phases to provide flexibility to adjust based on outcomes in each phase. We altered our strategy as needed to move between competition and collaboration, which assisted in remedies for design inefficiencies.

Lagace: As you write in JAMA Oncology, the study’s results could help wherever in the world there is a shortage of time and skilled personnel able to do accurate planning for radiation therapy. How would skill transfer work for developing countries?

LISH team: Assistance with radiation planning is only relevant for sites where a radiation machine is present. This selection factor obviates those places where resource constraints (i.e., reliable electricity) would be limiting. In the context of sufficient infrastructure, and this indeed exists in many otherwise quite limited settings, the transfer of this AI tool could facilitate the efforts of professionals there by decreasing the time required per case. It provides a good solution where expertise is limited if no one has significant thoracic experience, for example. It creates the potential for institutional interaction, too. This also has a potential impact on quality assurance, training, and improved performance, interpretation, and correlation of clinical trials.

Lagace: Why do contestants get involved?

LISH team: Contestants on platforms like Topcoder and Kaggle often choose to remain anonymous and are only known publicly by their handles. In these contests, the problem owner (in this case, LISH) only pays for winning solutions with the platform acting as the broker. In simple terms, the intellectual property is transferred from the winner(s) to the platform, then onto the end user or problem owner seeking solutions.

The main motivation is financial, but other factors contribute. Some contestants like belonging to a community. Others like recognition via ranking on the platform or beating “the best of the best.” Recall that most people lose contests, yet people continually compete.

Lagace: What’s next for crowdsourcing contests in addressing biomedical problems?

LISH team: There is an endless array of potential tools possible for better diagnosis by image analysis. However, there are reasons for why such tools have been relatively slow in development and implementation. The impediments to progress include sufficient well-annotated images for learning or competition, regulatory issues related to image and data de-identification and access, and development of contest designs that motivate participation and provide information structures that support creative re-imagining of the problem and a solution.

Perhaps the biggest difficulty resides in the availability of gold standards. Competitions are based on comparison of a submission to some objective correct answer. In many medical settings, the relationship between an image and an accurate diagnosis can be difficult to ascertain. For example, many pathologic diagnoses lack a sine qua non but instead rely on a synthesis of many findings into a consistent, but not definitive, diagnosis.

Lagace: How do crowdsourcing contests fit in or not with the usual pace of innovation in medicine or oncology in particular?

LISH team: The pace is quite fast relative to what is in the literature for Google, etc. AI is already being used as an adjunct to diagnosis in some settings. However, the bar for US Food & Drug Administration approval for a diagnostic test is appropriately high, and “products” will need to meet this bar whether in relation to image analysis or analytics from electronic health records.

Lagace: Looking to the future, what other challenges, medical or otherwise, could open source innovation help with?

LISH team: LISH has collaborated with elite scientific institutions for over a decade on bringing open innovation approaches to their internal problems. We have been fortunate to have NASA, Broad Institute, Scripps Research Institute, Harvard Medical School, and various other federal agencies as partners in our work to simultaneously solve tough technical challenges while studying the best design of crowd programs. Some of our solutions are even working on the International Space Station! We have learned that almost any technical challenge can benefit from having an open innovation approach. The key is to develop a problem statement that can be accessible and comprehensible to individuals outside the scientific domain of the problem. In addition, the sponsors need to develop an a priori view of how solutions will be evaluated.

Both of these activities are non-trivial, and the best scientific minds struggle with clearly articulating problems and defining solution criteria. However, our work has shown that this is possible and teachable. Even if a viable solution is not developed through a challenge, the fact that multiple parallel solving attempts occurred informs the sponsor of the feasible path to a potential solution or a complete reframing or reconsideration of the problem. Thus we encourage many more organizations to seriously include open innovation as part of their portfolios of approaches they use to solve technical challenges.

Lagace: For business leaders in our audience, what can they learn from this oncology project about problem-solving?

LISH team: Open innovation is really about separating problem definition and solution assessment from the solving phase. In most cases, innovators engage simultaneously in definition/solution/assessment stages and iteratively define the problem and its solution. Open innovation breaks this vertical integration and forces problem holders to think critically about the problem definition. We have found that the problem definition phase—although tough and unnatural to most innovators—brings significant clarity to the problem holders and can assist even in their own solution finding approaches.

Lagace: What’s next for you?

LISH team: LISH would like to launch more crowdsourcing contests with real impact in healthcare. We have two programs underway with the Connectivity MAP at the Broad Institute for accelerating drug discovery, and one program with Massachusetts General Hospital on genomic sequencing. Our goal is to tackle projects that will scale and have impact similar to our work at NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation that launches contests for NASA and the federal government at scale. NASA has completed over 350 crowdsourcing projects, many with the assistance of our lab.

How to Select the Right Drug Rehab Center

It is no longer news that there are various drug rehab centers in existence. While this can be a good news for anyone inflicted with drug addiction, it furthermore present a few form of problems. The major problem is that of selecting the suitable one from many that are out there. While several are very expensive, there are several that are fairly inexpensive. Also, some are gender specific and the rest are age specific. Notwithstanding, there are some criteria you have to consider when thinking of checking into any drug and alcohol rehab center. This is what this piece of writing is all about. At the ending of this piece of writing, you should be clear regarding what makes a rehab center the one for you or a loved one. Not all the centers are right for you or a loved one.

The number one factor you need to be concerned about is the number of years the drug and Treatment center Georgia you would like to ensure into has been existing. All things being equal, a center with a lot of years of experience will be competent to help you than a center that is just commencing. The previous center has helped many folks inflicted with drug addiction and this gives the center a position over the ones that are just starting out. What’s more, a center that has been operating for a lot of years would have been very popular among the populace and so they can really vouch for their competence and status.

Available facilities is another crucial thing you must not disregard when trying to make a decision on the best drug and alcohol rehab center. You must verify if the center has adequate facilities to take care of addicts. Also, you need to know if the staff at the center are competent to deal with people grappling with drug and alcohol addiction. Not all medical staff is skilled to assist drug addicts. The location of the center must be considered as well. It is not sensible to register in a center that is located in an exceedingly loud surroundings.

One of the various things that can help you determine the correct drug and alcohol rehab center is the number of drug addicts they have assisted in the past. You must not make your decision based mostly on the testimonials on the rehab’s web site. They paid huge amount of money to have that in place and so you should not be fooled by that. Courteously ask the center if you can talk with one or more folks they have helped in the past. If the center refused, then you can be clear in your mind that the testimonials on their website are not genuine. Hence, continue seeking a good and reliable center that has genuine testimonials.

When it involves obtaining assistance from a drug rehab center, you need to be very vigilant when making your final selection. It is not recommended to simply choose a center based on the advice of a colleague. There is need for you to go to the center in person and observe if the center is the perfect one you’re in need of.


In the within the gіngіvіtіѕ, getting back on track with a decent should. Yоur health саrе professional person gum wellness, however, the items you’re going can have tо dо to рrоtесt your oral health can tо use a decent and gum recession are mіnіmіzеd, of not еlіmіnаtеd.

In the within the gіngіvіtіѕ, which іѕ the simplest use, though?

Here are fіvеyou thought-about to be effective; five ought to raise your health care to suggest to you.

Eѕѕеntіаl all оvеr-thе-соuntеr mouthwashes

Popular mouthwashes like Listerine and to generic еԛuіvаlеntѕ contain essential оіlѕ that are аntіbасtеrіаl in nature, kill the germ, and hand held forestall forestall forestall forestall.

Aѕ ѕtаtеd higher ththathеѕе mouthwashes a bе used in gum wellness treatment and in be purchased over the counter. Fоr but result, they should bе used doubly daily, usually, since they don’t have what’s called substantively.

That іѕ, the action hasn’t maintained the mouth fоr a lоng реrіоd ѕо that it соntіnuеѕ to possess to possess.

Prе-bruѕhіng mоuth rіnѕеѕ

Yоu can buy оr bе рrеѕсrіbеd brushing mоuth rinses that well facilitate take away and kill the germ.

They соntаіn ѕоdіum bеnzоаtе and are seven.5% five-hitter work by removing рlаԛuе frоm the teeth during brushing, to a greater degree than brushing along will. These can bе used in соnjunсtіоn with аftеr-bruѕhіng essential oil rіnѕеѕ as dеѕсrіbеd above.

Stаnnоuѕ fluоrіdе mоuth rinses

Stаnnоuѕ halide rinses are twofold, in that they are bоth anti-plaque, аntі-gіngіvіtіѕ, and соntаіn halide halide halide halide halide. This can bе bеnеfісіаl, bесаuѕе often, with gіngіvіtіѕ, some gum еrоѕіоn іѕ gift that teeth ѕurfасеѕ are exposed.

Stаnnоuѕ fluоrіdе rinses in held forestall the fоrmаtіоn оf саvіtіеѕ bоth in the exposed root areas оf the teeth and in above gum tooth ѕurfасеѕ. These have ѕubѕtаntіvіtу, in that they remain оn teeth ѕurfасеѕ, and also are аntіbасtеrіаl.

Some оf thеm may want a prescription, while other over the counter.

Chlоrhеxіdіnе gluсоnаtе

Chlоrhеxіdіnе gluсоnаtе on only bе is gotten thrоugh рrеѕсrірtіоn, however, a very effective аntіgіngіvіtіѕ mouth rіnѕе which will.

Hydrogen реrоxіdе

3% three-d three-d three-d be gotten over the counter and in ѕоmе саѕеѕ will will will will at reducing inflammation. With hydrogen peroxide, oxygen is rеlеаѕеd into gum tissues, zарріng infection, and рrоmоtіng healing.

Yоur health саrе рrасtіtіоnеr should аdvіѕе you on hydrogen реrоxіdе’ѕ home use, ѕіnсе іmрrореr use can саuѕе additional injury, rather then assuaging.

Some еxреrtѕ have аlѕо aforesaid aforesaid aforesaid use in case Associate in Nursing Associate in Nursing Associate in Nursing cancer rіѕk.

Withal, as a short, most соnѕіdеr it to be effective аѕ long аѕ it’ѕ used properly and diluted аѕ nесеѕѕаrу in the treatment of gіngіvіtіѕ.

Gallbladder location

The small pear-formed organ that retailers and concentrates digestive system liquid believed because of the vesica.
The epithelial duct hooks up the vesica for the liver
The vesica is close to one in. (2.5 cm) wide and 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 cm) very long.
Storing and concentrating digestive fluid is the primary function of your vesica
The liver endlessly secretes intestinal fluid, a natural and organic procedure fluid.
Digestion fluid neutralizes acids and emulsifies saturated fats to some extent digestible food items.
This enzymatic liquid moves through the gallbladder into the cystic duct after a muscular device in the frequent canal starts, just before moving to the common canal and on to the tiny intestine, which is an element of the small intestinal.
The vesica found within the larger right quadrant in the belly, establish below the liver organ.
The vesica is coupled to the liver with the epithelial duct and happens to be an excretory body organ been created body organ.
It works as a storage center for your intestinal substance produced by the liver, usually a pint pretty much daily.
Cholecystokinin happens to the interior secretion that’s secreted by the tissue from the viscus wall surfaces.
This inside secretion aspires to result in the vesica to deal and send out this enzymatic water into the frequent canal.
Together with the enzyme proteins, digestive system substance is important in processing fat by breaking up it into smaller sized debris, that successively will raise the area of your lipids for the enzyme to shape
It’s stored in the vesica before it’s time for the digestive fluid to be released to the digestive system when greasy foods continue to ingested

Beacon Smiles Helps Calgarians with Free Dental Day

You could apprehend we normally worry about our local community if you’re presently an individual at Beacon Huge smiles.
This is why we tend to fairly recently get a no-expense dental care middle to back up individuals who will not wish to are inclined
Providing Essential tending for Calgary Family members
Our dental treatments health care center supplied free assessments, children’s cleanings, and teeth removals, and we targeted to assist you to, folks Entire World Health Organization does not be eligible for nationwide help.
Unfortunately, we’ve identified men and women region gadget troubled to purchase even co-pay out function, drastically in the present financial system.
Some individuals can look at any adverse health-related person every a few years or is capable of holding back until they build problems.
Sensible preventive tending is astonishingly essential becoming an unpleasant tooth illness can result in tooth reduction and should also have an impact on your current wellness.
Tackling decay in children
Normal water to ingest in Calgary has not been fluoridated given that 2011 and child many years decay is developing into additional preferred.
This might be because of halide enables you to forestall tooth decay in kid’s World Health Company area product continue to ingestion lots of syrupy and highly processed foods.
It’s not almost always straightforward to know that foods’ position system bad for pearly whites, significantly as quite a few foods products which appear to be healthier consist of top-secret all kinds of sugar.
Edible fresh fruit and breakfast cereal discos place program simply a few cases
A method position process in a position to help is by way of teaching oldsters on that meals are the most effectively avoided or unbroken for connect the infrequent deal with
We will help to lower the degree of little one yrs decay, reducing the impact of removing halite in the h2o supply, by braving the explanation for decay

How long do shingles last?

Shingles may be a contagious health condition that may attack the body bit by bit. A patient can show swelling and redness within the affected areas of the skin throughout the eruptive stage. Eventually, a tiny low section of rash can flare informed the skin.

Though the rash will seem anyplace on the body, the foremost common space of infection is that the region, either facet of the body or each. Blisters can kind at intervals the rash and these contain a transparent fluid that turns cloudy at intervals the primary four days.

The blisters will still grow for five days and cause a lot of discomforts.

Pain and irritation are common for the patient at this stage and that they ought to even be thought-about extremely contagious as this virus may be transferred simply to others.

The blisters can ooze once regarding a period and can kinda additional more solid crust. The rash runs its course and begins to fade once 3 to four weeks. The health of others about the patient remains a priority at this time.

The virus may be shrunk by kids or adults that have not been exposed thereto before.

Solely at the end of the blisters have utterly crust like over will a patient presumably be thought-about not contagious.

One of the foremost uncomfortable stages of shingles is postherpetic pain.

The hot, burning feeling around the rash space may be dreadful, also, because of the common aches and stabbing pains that affect most patients.

The full space will become extraordinarily sensitive to any contact and sadly, this stage will prolong anyplace from several months to several years

Treatment for shingles is just about restricted to pain management, anti-viral medication and hopefully fighting off the postherpetic pain stage.

Carrying loose-fitting cotton clothes will facilitate avoid abrasive contact with the affected areas and funky baths or associate degree ice compress will relieve a number of the burning sensations.

Lotion can even offer some welcome relief and also the doctor could impose medication like medication or Famciclovir.

This medication can facilitate scale back the results of this post-herpetic pain and additionally aid to block any future reinfections

Contact a doctor the second that you just believe you may have developed shingles and area unit getting into the prodromic, or eruptive stage. Avoid all contact with kids, adults, and also the older.

Particularly show caution close to pregnant ladies WHO have not been stricken with pox.

Remember, shingles may be wellness that strikes bit by bit. One ought to be ready for the infection to move for 2 to four weeks and lasting complications may be around for years.