What happened to iPhone Phil?

I moved, and started a new job. This kept me pretty busy, and left me little time for blog posts.

Also there are so many good iPhone resources that I can’t really compete.

I recommend iPhone Atlas.

I’ll be starting a personal blog in the future and I will merge iPhone Phil content with it.

Foiled by the iPhone!

Today I checked into the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, I was charged $130 per night. I decided to check the rate on the MGM Website and found the rate listed as $120 per night. I showed the worker the rate on my iphone and she changed it!

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First mobile post

I’m here with my friend so also just got am iPhone. He described it as “The most amazing piece of technology I’ve ever seen”.

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Some Overlooked iPhone Tips

Press and hold on elements in Safari
If you press and hold on an image or link you will get a popup with some information about it, either where the link heads, and it’s title for images.

This also works in the email program because it uses Webkit to display email.

Press and hold on the keyboard for accuracy
Key-presses register as you let go of the key, not as you press it. If you are having trouble hitting the correct keys, just press and hold as you type a letter. If you hit the wrong key, slide your finger and release when you are on the correct one.

As a result of this behavior, you can only press one key at a time. This can slow down advanced typists. If you press one key, and then press the next one with your other hand before lifting the first one, the second will not register. So if you are typing fast, be sure to do quick taps and bring your finger up quick so the next one can make a valid key-press.

Weighted keyboard zones
The iPhone keyboard has very advanced error-correction. It’s kind of obvious to do things this way and I don’t know why more phones didn’t have error-correction this good before.

If you begin typing a word that starts with ‘plu’ then you press somewhere on the left side of the keyboard in the general area of the ‘s’ key, it will correct with ‘plus’. If you press somewhere on the right side of the keyboard in the general area of ‘m’ it will correct with ‘plum’ and if you press somewhere in the middle, closer to ‘g’ it will correct with ‘plug’.

With longer words, there are less possible completions, often times you can simply strike keys somewhat near the intended key, and it will figure it out in the end. This is the key to fast typing on the iPhone