Top Disney World Thrill Rides Ranked From All Its Parks: The Full Guide

Disney World’s classic lineup of thrill rides and growing list of new themed additions make it a place you don’t want to miss, especially with these!

Disney World has a lot to brag about: over-the-top food, world-class entertainment, loveable characters, and – let’s not forget — some of the best-themed thrill rides in the world. While the Florida resort isn’t always associated with being a place for adventure-seekers, its classic lineup of thrill rides and growing list of new additions make it a place you don’t want to miss. You can have similar fun rides in east asian countries as well, let’s say, during your luxury thailand vacation.

Disney is particularly known for telling a story through every one of its attractions, which means every ride at the parks features some pretty incredible theming. Get ready to scream super loud. Here are some of Disney World’s best thrill rides.

Test Track

This high-speed slot car attraction takes Epcot guests on a thrilling ride through a futuristic testing facility. It all ends with a nearly 65 mph loop around a track, making it Disney World’s fastest ride.

While the attraction first opened in the late ’90s, it got an electrifying update in 2012. In addition to the new neon aesthetics, the revamped version of the thriller let guests test their own virtual designs out for a spin on the course. At the end, they get to see how their cars stacked up against their competitors’.

Slinky Dog Dash

Disney’s newest thrill ride opened at the Hollywood Studios park in 2018 at the newly built Toy Story Land. The coaster lets riders experience what it’s like to be toy-sized while whipping around on the back of Slinky Dog. The 2-minute attraction features an exciting mid-point launch and ends with a performance by an animatronic Wheezy the Penguin.

Lucky for guests who are really big into the Toy Story franchise, there are two more Toy Story-themed attractions next door to this one. The Alien Swirling Saucers let guests spin alongside their favorite space friends, and Toy Story Mania has riders competing in 3D carnival-style minigames.


Frightening guests since 1998, Dinosaur is a dark thrill ride filled with giant audio-animatronic dinosaurs. Riders first board a “time rover” machine, which seats them in rows of four. They are then blasted off into the past in an attempt to locate and bring back an Iguanodon.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Located in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom, Thunder Mountain takes guests on a wild west adventure through a rocky red landscape on the back of a runaway train. Riders waiting in the queue can actually trigger “explosives” by operating cranks and plungers that go off near the ride track.

Guests who choose to embark on the adventure at night can spot ghost-like figures dancing through the windows of a wooden building. Varied versions of the steel coaster can also be ridden in other parks, including Disneyland in California, Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, and Disneyland Paris in France.

Expedition Everest

Located in the Animal Kingdom, this gigantic steel snow-topped coaster takes guests on an expedition through the Himalayas and through the middle of Mount Everest. Following a backward descent into darkness, riders encounter a terrifying yeti before descending down a large, looping 80-foot drop.

The ride was listed in the 2011 edition of the Guinness World Records for being the most expensive roller coaster in the world at the time. It was also Disney’s tallest ride, capping off at 199.5 feet. Adventure through Asia, anyone?

The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

Based on The Twilight Zone anthology TV series, the Tower of Terror drops guests from the elevator of the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel. The over 3-minute tower ride has multiple randomized drops with at least one in the series going all the way from the thirteenth floor to the first in a matter of seconds.

As if that weren’t thrilling enough, Disney actually pulls the elevator cars down with cables, making the drop speed faster than that of free fall. Hold on tightly because yes – your bags may or may not float into the air as you’re pushed down through this chilling experience.

Space Mountain

Opened in 1975, the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain is the oldest operating rollercoaster in the state of Florida. The indoor thrill ride, which is composed of two nearly identical tracks, takes guests on a dark, zippy adventure through space.

While the ride has been updated several times since its opening, it still boasts a vintage galaxy feel. You can thank the cool blue-gray color scheme and electric soundtrack for that. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the 1970s-version of the future.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Walk this way onto the craziest indoor rollercoaster at Disney World. This music-themed thriller is the only in the park to spin guests upside down with a total of three inversions. Guests get to rock out to the music of Aerosmith while on the ride, as every adventure features one of five Aerosmith songs based on the license plate of your vehicle.

Each train also features a total of 120 speakers so that guests can hear the music loud and clear. In addition to giving guests a rockstar experience, the ride is known for its thrilling launch, which accelerates from 0 to 57 miles an hour in under three seconds.

Avatar Flight Of Passage

This 3D flight simulator located at the Animal Kingdom lets guests fly on the back of a Banshee through the world of Pandora. The Avatar-themed ride opened in 2017 with glowing reviews thanks to its incredible scenery, gorgeous soundtrack, and soothing scents.

Although the lines for this ride are known to be some of the longest in all of Disney World, the ride queue was created to keep guests interested. It’s fully immersive, featuring lifelike animatronics and fascinating sci-fi details that are definitely too cool to miss.

Splash Mountain

Topping off the list is Splash Mountain: a thrilling log flume ride with a climactic 50-feet drop into a “briar patch.” Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain is one of the longest rides in all of Disney World, floating guests down the track for nearly 12 minutes.

It features a dark ride portion filled with plucky animatronics based off the 1946 film Song of the South, several fun drops, and lots of water. If you want the ultimate experience, try riding it at night during the firework show. There’s nothing quite like watching the sky light up while you’re plummeting down a waterfall.