ta 5 online game expert analysis

The most reputable sites and magazines specializing in the gaming world have made analyzes of GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto V has received excellent grades. The aggregator sites Metacritic and Game Rankings analyzes considered one of the highest scoring games of all time. After its world premiere, the producer did not send copies to publications. When instead, analysts had to play the games from Rockstar premises or in a hotel room booked.
They are different to this: take experts to play where they can see. Certainly learned a lot from this … about what can be improved in the next version. Balcony very intelligent.

The May issue of Xbox Magazine published the first review of GTA V, giving the game the maximum score of 10/10 publication stated that the game has an “amazingly realistic world, a truly captivating story and a hugely entertaining multiplayer” and that is “great in all aspects.” The Official UK PlayStation Magazine also gave top marks to the game, describing it as the best of all GTAs. Xbox World 360 gave 98% note for the game, being the highest score ever given by the magazine before. The site GameSpot gave note 10 (perfect) for the game, making it the first game since 2001 to receive this classification. The game was considered “undoubtedly the best of all GTA” by the site.
The British tabloid Daily Star made ??a positive analysis of the game, praising it widely. The American newspaper The New York Times described the game as “violent, intelligent, profane, charming, obnoxious, smart, richly textured and thoroughly cultural agenda” and thus a “satire disguised as fun”!
And you? Is also a specialist and do a full commentary and smart about their impressions of gta 5 online argent.

I’ve been reading on Wikipedia some analysis of GTA V made ?? By experts in the field: on gaming websites and magazines. Reading all this I was thinking: where GTA V will be better than GTA IV?
Share your thoughts in the comments! How do even better than GTA V GTA IV?