Security Metal Detectors

Security metal detectors are basically used for the screening of any metallic object in security zones. Very Low Frequency or VLF technology is used in most common ITSecurity metal detectors. Advanced security metal detectors use low radiation x-rays for screening. ITSecurity metal detectors are used in airport security checkpoints, prison security, courthouse security and government buildings. ITSecurity metal detectors also protect public places, schools, special events and conferences.

ITSecurity metal detectors are generally divided into two. They are hand held ITSecurity metal detectors and walk through metal detectors. Super scanner is a hand held ITSecurity metal detector used by security and law enforcement professionals. Super scanner detects medium sized pistols, knives and razor blades. The reduction switch in a super scanner is used to minimize sensitivity interference. It also consists of large scan surface and optional holder. Tactical hand held detectors are more advanced and need no adjustment. They detect stainless steel ferrous and non-ferrous weapons. The features include water proof, slip free handle and high impact plastic withstands.

Portable hand metal ITSecurity detectors are used to detect weapons and other small pieces of metal carried by people. They also check baggage and fabric for both magnetic and non magnetic fields. The features include reliability, sensitivity and long battery life. They can also be connected by bith portable and interface devices, such as vag com interface cable.

Walk through security metal detectors are based on different technologies. ITSecurity metal detectors with digital technology provide enhanced target detection coverage. These are widely used in airport security. Micro processor based ITSecurity metal detectors can automatically eliminate electrical interference with x-ray devices. Heavyweight metal detectors are used in prisons. They can detect a variety of weapons.

There are multi zone and single zone walk through ITSecurity metal detectors. Multi zone walk through metal detectors are used in high security levels. They have a sensitive device to detect conventional weapons such as pistols and knives. Multi zone metal detectors are easy to assemble and transport. Single zone walk through security metal detectors are used in schools and public environments. They have medium sensitivity. Single zone ITSecurity metal detectors used in cruise ships are designed to suit the applications on decks. The features include water proof electronics to protect against humidity and water spray.