How to put on makeup to go to work

A good question if you like to wear makeup and want to look fresh during your workdaythen here are some tips suggested by the best dermatologist in Singapore.

Follow these tips:

Moisturize your skin and choose a light makeup base (better fluid), it does not have to have a high coverage but it does have to be the most consistent with our color on the face. If you work on the street, don’t forget sun protection.
You can use loose or compact powders to set and mattify the foundation or simply carry them in your bag to give some touch-up during the day.
It is time for the eyes. Bet on shadows in soft tones and try to avoid very bright ones. You do not have to outline the eye in brown, black, blue, or green are also a good option as long as you do not intensify the look too much.Blend the eyeliner (not if it is winged eyeliner) and blend it with the shadow you have applied to the eyelid.
Define your lashes. You can add volume, lengthen, and even both at the same time, but most importantly, comb your lashes to separate them and avoid unsightly clumps.
We must not forget to keep the eyebrows neat in this way, you will only have to comb them and give them a touch of shadow to fill in if necessary.
For the blush I always bet on fresh tones, a bit imitating the natural blush of each person. Deposit a small amount of product so that it is easier to blur it and not end up like Heidi (hehehe), less is more.
Lastly, the lips A creamy lipstick in a natural tone or a gloss would be a perfect ally for the day today. Exfoliate your lips once or twice a week and moisturize and protect them often they will thank you.
On the street do not forget sun protection

A touch of your favorite perfume and ready to start the day!