How to Get Free Non Copyrighted Music for YouTube Easily

So, you are a blogger or YouTuber and you want some safe and free non copyrighted music for YouTube? I can help.

Let’s have a bit of a view on this ever-increasing urge and in some cases, requirement, to go for YouTube or other reliable social media channel for video marketing or personal projection of something particular. There are an estimated 2.2 billion users online who regularly access YouTube, with 81% being from the age group 15-21. That’s a lot of youth out there! Also, the revenue these regular users along with their subscribers generate is HUGE. The year 2020 itself generated more than $3.85 billion.

But apart from the statistics and facts, the point to be noted is that YouTube has become one of the largest platforms where people from every walk of life have an opportunity to project their talent, product, service, offer, skill, information, or anything that they want to share with the world. It has catered to the needs of students, entertainers, educationists, professionals, marketers, brands, companies, governments, healthcare professionals, and the list goes on.

However, amongst these, the most prominent and liked ones the entertainers; musicians, vloggers, artists, bands, composers, moviemakers, and singers, etc. Following this trend, a lot of youngsters are now trying to make their videos in a highly professional way – thanks to the many applications and software that help them learn professional multimedia skills.

This is where they need the necessary stuff to complement their videos; proper text, images, sounds, visuals, the timing of the clips, and above all – the music! What’s the point of a video if it has the element of music missing? It’s a big setback. Hence, the easiest way is to acquire free non copyrighted music for YouTube.

Getting the free non copyrighted music for YouTube:

There are many ways to acquire music for your videos for YouTube. Many platforms are available for this such as SoundCloud, AudioJungle, Freeplay Music, Free Music Archive, BeatPick, Bensound, etc. These can make your work easier by converting them into other formats and files. These will make your video stand out among the rest. Of course, a good video is all about a balance of sounds, text (if some cases), visuals i.e. good video quality, and the overall theme and projection of the video itself. Hence, take complete advantage of the free non copyrighted music for YouTube that is easy to access and effective in making you gain subscribers.

Does it work?

Well, yes! Mostly, the music that you add to your videos is meant to engage your audience. This should be, however, relevant and of sound quality. Otherwise, as you know, there’s a bulk of other videos out there and people tend to lose interest after 10 seconds. So, if you want to grab their attention, you have just 10 seconds, technically! Hence, this is the most crucial aspect for the vloggers and the video makers because they have to attract an audience with maximum attention-grabbing features and visuals in the minimum amount of time.

To sum up, I would suggest you all who are seeking to enhance the influence of their videos, to use better visuals and sound effects in your videos. Sometimes, people don’t even ‘watch’ the video but just listen to it while working on something else. If the video is silent or a bit bland with no reinvigorating sounds, they might lose interest. Hence, this is how important your sound effects and background music is. Especially, for motivational videos or the how-to ones where you need to attract the viewer with the positive ‘vibes’.