How to be a makeup artist

Well, I’m going to tell you, I know two ways and they are: studying in academies or being self-taught.

For me, it is a combination of the two.

I started as a self-taught person as anyone who likes an artistic profession, then the courses would arrive to specialize in different branches such as makeup for film, TV, and theater, characterization, artistic makeup, etc. Here’s the example of top notch makeup products, Viviane Woodard.

Today I can affirm that it is not necessary to spend a year in an academy to learn this profession, which does not mean that training does not seem necessary to me. On the contrary, after several years in the client’s presence, I believe that my courses in academies have helped me a lot and I continue to train continuously (or every time I collect some money). What I mean is that you can be a professional makeup artist combining training and vocation I think that separately it does not work.

If you go to all the academies in Spain and abroad, but then don’t dedicate yourself to reinforcing what you have learned, discovering your techniques, defining your parameters and ways of working … it will be a little more difficult, not impossible. If you like makeup a lot and you have the latest products on the market but then you have no idea about aspects such as lighting, skin, safety and hygiene, application techniques … you can find yourself in trouble affecting your professionalism.

In this makeup, there is a lot of competition, and a lot of intrusiveness too, but I will not be the one to say who is a professional or not, that will be said by the work of each one, day to day

To finish, I can only tell you that if you are thinking of dedicating yourself to makeup:

Do not be afraid to pay at an academy but find out very well if their teaching methods are what you are looking for
Go direct @ to what interests you the most for intensive courses are the best.
You will have to work in many positions that, possibly, will have nothing to do with makeup but will make you raise money to continue with, your dream.
It is an expensive profession: products, tools, training….
For nothing in the world give up, practice, practice, and then practice.
Enjoy when you are doing makeup, if you start to see it as any job … something is wrong.
All professionals must charge for the work performed.
“Enjoy when you are doing makeup”

And so far my post about the profession, sure I have left a lot of things to tell, the good thing? I can tell them in other posts. I hope you liked it, if you have any questions or opinions, do not hesitate to leave me your comments.