Best DSLR Camera

When choosing the best DSLR camera for beginners, there are a couple of different factors to take in consideration. Price, ease of use, and quality are the top three. I will give a brief review on some of the best out there, and cover these factors.

First off, price. One of the most important factors in our decision making. If you want a good DSLR camera, you’re going to need to spend a little. However, I’m going to give examples of ones that are under $600.00. There is always the option of buying a used one if you choose.

Quality is definitely an issue also. Some people may argue that this is usually their number one factor they take into account. People need to know if the hard earned money they’re spending is going to be worth it.

Last but not least we’ll be talking about is how easy (or hard) are they to use. This is a common complaint with a lot of people that buy DSLR cameras. They feel they should be a lot easier to use. However, you do not need to be a rocket scientist or know how to split the atom to operate these.

Here’s some of the best DSLR cameras for beginners on the market:

  1. Nikon D3000

People that own this camera cannot say enough about it. It is more geared towards beginners or amateur photographers, but still capable of awesome images all the same. It has actually been quoted as an “Outstanding Starter Camera”.

Here’s some features of the Nikon D3000:

Compact Design
2 megapixel imaging sensor
Split-second shutter response
3″ Color LCD monitor
Automatic Image Sensor Cleaning System
Nikon Guide Mode, which makes operation easy
Possible of shooting up to 3 frames per second
Image Stabilization lens
Price – The Nikon D3000 will run you right around $465.

Quality – Most people believe that Nikon makes some of the best cameras on the market.

Ease of use – Owners of the Nikon D3000 comment on how easy it is to use, and the Nikon Guide Mode helps you through any questions you might have.

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T3

Here is another camera that owners just seem to love. It is just a little more than the Nikon D3000, but not enough to sway your decision into not buying it over the D3000. It is a very good entry-level camera from Canon.

Some of the Rebel T3 features:

7″ TFT color LCD display
2 megapixel imaging sensor
Has a full line of compatible Canon lenses
Has a broad range of ISO settings, which means shooting from sunrise to sunset turns out excellent
HD movie mode
Possible to shoot up to 3 frames per second
Canon Feature guide to help get you through any operation questions
Price – The Canon EOS Rebel T3 runs right around $500

Quality – Canon has an unbelievable reputation of making the finest cameras of all time

Ease of use – Again, with Canon’s Feature Guide, operation is not challenging

  1. Sony Alpha A230L

Here is a nice entry level camera from Sony. I have actually seen reviews from people with higher-end Nikons switching to this one. Owners have commented that this camera is to the point, and easy to use. Basically takes spectacular pictures for beginners.

Sony Alpha A230L features:

7″ LCD Display
2 Megapixel image sensor
Anti-Dust technology
Capable of shooting up to 2.5 frames per second
In-camera mode image stabilization
Comes with 18-55 mm zoom lens
Price – The Sony Alpha A230L will only run you about $430

Quality – Some owners prefer it over other higher priced models

Ease of use – Owners praise the simplicity of operation